XR Performing Art

What you are witnessing is the future of digital arts and technology! This is our very first Extended Reality experiment which has been done realtime on Unreal Engine with only one take; single camera, continuous shot without any post-processing, or compositing.

Extended reality or shortly XR, is a technology that combines human creativity and the immersive technologies that can merge the physical and virtual worlds. Extended Reality is not only brought us to the next level of human and machine interaction, but it also revealed the possibilities which were beyond our comprehension up until now about what we can achieve with human and machine collaboration.

Similar to our previous human-machine projects, this new tool is the solid proof of J.C.R. Licklider's idea of humanity will not necessarily be replaced with machines but rather allow us to explore new opportunities and possibilities. Even this little demo of ours shows that the unimaginable limits have been broken and once a sci-fi idea of human and machine extended synchronization is actually here with us and enables us the ultimate control over a new-age interface. Our XR practices opened up a whole new door to express our imagination and empowered us to integrate this technology into our shows & performances of today and tomorrow.

We are very excited to enter an era of almost endless possible applications with Extended Reality and waiting for you to explore our first virtual universe encountering the point of real and dream!


  • Collaboration

    Art One, Zero Density

  • Executive Director

    Ahmet Gürbüz

  • Creative Director

    Serdar Korkmaz

  • Lead Compositing Artist

    Furkan Alabaş

  • Performing Artist

    Can Gökdoğan

  • Unreal Engine Artist

    Musa Çakır

  • Visual Design & Animation

    Kutbettin Ecevit, Serdar Korkmaz

  • Scene Assets & Software

    Autodesk , Tesla Motors, Epic Games, Quixel , Kuka