When Symphony Meets Digital Arts

For the first time in Turkey, symphony and digital art came together at the gala night of AKM Türk Telekom Opera Hall. The 12-piece repertoire of the Istanbul State Symphony Orchestra was accompanied by an immersive digital art show created with innovative stage and light designs.

For this work, the visual designers set out from the stories, sound analysis, and algorithms of the pieces and obtained abstractions that reflect the atmosphere they create. While the 70-member orchestra, 40-member choir, and four soloists continued their live performance on the stage, this digital art show, using the iconic architecture of the hall as a canvas, provided the audience with an unusual and memorable experience, both auditory and visually, with the contribution of 40 projection devices installed on the field.

As Illusionist, we would like to thank first Türk Telekom and Istanbul State Symphony Orchestra and Atatürk Cultural Center for their cooperation on this particular night.