Human vs Kuka Robots Immersive Experience

Robotic Arm Enhanced Immersive Experience: Humachine v.02

HUMACHINE v.02 is a 'Robotic Arm Enhanced Immersive Experience' based upon the human-machine interaction for the celebration of 60 years of MESS, the path they've taken along those years, and their vision of the future. This evolution throughout 60 years is told in a 6 minutes long unique 3d animation on 200 square-meters of led canvas, 3 performers, and 6 led panels carried and moved by giant robotic arms.

The project aimed to reflect the human-machine interaction in the age of transformation. As industry 5.0 approaching it was extremely important to show the process of blue-collar workers' adaptation to work alongside the smart machines. In order to reflect this process in the best manner, the robotic arms were accompanied by performers.

Though the robotic arms' movement and speed are designed for industrial use only, we needed them to move against their nature. To achieve this, we ought to be following a more diverse route for the pipeline rather than our conventional ways. The robotic arms' characteristics for maneuver and movement has made us come up with 20 different versions of 3D choreography using different engines in order to meet at a common plane both for our concept and the Kukas' capabilities.

To introduce the 3D choreography to the robotic arms with minimum latency and maximum efficiency needed hundreds of hours of work and multiple programming software but one of the best parts of the projects was to have 6 giant Kukas in our studio and having the chance to work on them directly.

It was a sheer pleasure and a challenge at the same time to code the giant robotic arms in a way to make six of them work perfectly synchronized. Tens of hours of conceptual design, 2 months of robotic coding and 3d animation, green box shootings, countless rehearsals have paid of with this breathtaking exhibit.


  • Content & Production Design By


  • Client

    MESS / 60th Year Celebration

  • Organization

    A46 & Setur

  • Executive Director

    Ahmet GÜRBÜZ

  • Creative Director

    Serdar KORKMAZ

  • Content Creator

    Emre BARCA

  • Choreography


  • Project Coordinator


  • Copywriter

    Güney ONGUN

  • Lead Compositing Artist

    Furkan ALABAŞ

  • Lead FX Artist

    Kutbettin ECEVİT

  • Multimedia Coordinator

    Selay KARASU

  • Sound Design / Composer

    İbrahim ÖZMEN

  • Scenography Specialists

    Çisil OĞUZ, Lara DURMUŞ

  • Coordination Asistant

    Ecem AKÇA

  • Lighting Design

    Adilcan ALUÇ

  • Robotic Animations

    Selçuk KAYA, Yasin SINIK

  • Robotic Integration


  • Robotic Integration Coordination

    Zafer ŞEKERCİ, Mustafa YILMAZ

  • Technical Management

    Sedat GÜNDÜZ

  • Greenbox Video Production

    Egemen Tokat

  • Technical Provider


  • Visual Systems & Projection Technology By


  • Performer


  • Illustration & Conceptual Visualisations

    Serhan GÜNEŞ, İrem YÖRÜKOĞLU, Beren TEKİN

  • CG Artists & Compositing Artists

    Selçuk KAYA, Taha Celal YILDIRIM, Pırıl SİLİ, Yasin SINIK, Tolga BOSTANCI

  • Video & Photo Documentation

    Osman ÇETİNKAYA, Uğur EKEN / Umedya, Recep ÖZAYDIN, Rezzan ALTÜRK