Göbeklitepe Digital Museum

How far do we go back in the history ?
What is the oldest known human-built structure that we know of?
The ravishing Egyptian pyramids or the mysterious Stonehenge some might say...

Göbeklitepe, with a staggering history dated back to 10.000 BC, is 7.000 years older than pyramids and Stonehenge.
Built in the Neolithic era it is the oldest and biggest temple ever in human history.

While historians and archeologists are revealing the hidden history beneath this fascinating beauty, cutting edge digital technology is being used to tell the story of Göbeklitepe in a newly opened interactive visitor center.

The fully digital and interactive visitor center in Göbeklitepe which is the oldest known temple in human history with more than 10.000 years, has been opened with the attendance of President Erdogan and Dogus Group CEO Ferit Şahenk.

Thousands of hours have spent designing and coding to share the story of Göbeklitepe to its visitors via multimedia technologies. It is Illusionist ’s profound ideas that came into life in order to reflect the ancient civilizations phases throughout the history that walked on this Unesco World Heritage site. It is our great pleasure and honor to successfully design and code all the multimedia components of the museum’s visitor center.