97th Anniversary of Republic Day Celebrations

Republic Day Celebration: Simultaneous Digital Experiences

To commemorate our great national day in great honor; we created the digital representation of bravery!

We celebrated the 97th anniversary of our republic with digital art-pieces we’ve designed for 5 different canvases in 5 different significant locations! Starting with the water screen located on Haliç, artworks have been experienced simultaneously in Maiden Tower, Saraçhane Municipal Palace, Saraçhane Ramparts, and Haliç Congress Center.

As a final for the experiences, creating the very first hologram of our great leader Atatürk, so that being able to watch his unique speech \'Nutuk\' live was the most sentimental moment of the work for us! We\'re profoundly glad that motion capture & hologram technologies enabled us to create an experience like \'he\' really is there, just in front of our eyes.

The work is an artistic expression of our eternal respect and gratitude to Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, and all the nameless heroes who have sacrificed themselves for our independence, equality, and justice!

Content & Production Design by ILLUSIONIST DIGITAL ARTS STUDIO


  • Executive Direction

    Ahmet Gürbüz

  • Creative Direction

    Serdar Korkmaz

  • Managing Direction

    Müge Arıkan

  • Content Creation

    Emre Barca

  • Project Coordination

    Tuğçe Değirmenci

  • Multimedia Coordination

    Selay Karasu

  • Concept Design

    Serhan Güneş Berentekin

  • Sound Design

    İbrahim Özmen

  • Scenography

    Çisil Oğuz

  • Stage Design & Direction

    Lara Duymuş

  • Stage Design

    Fatih Türkmen

  • Project Coordination Assistant

    Tunay Değirmenci

  • Lighting Design & Implementation

    Adil Aluç, egotechnicalproduction

  • Interaction Design & Motion Capture

    Mustafa Yılmaz

  • Motion Capture Performance

    Doruk Şengezer

  • Mocap Performance Supervision

    visualfocusfilm Visual Systems & Projection Technology by Display Team

  • Client

    İstanbul Büyükşehir Belediyesi Sn. Ekrem İmamoğlu

  • Visual Design

    Serdar Korkmaz, Kutbettin Ecevit, Furkan Alabaş, Selçuk Kaya, Pırıl Sili, Arda Arya , Mohamadreza Sadeghpoor